FR Guide


When it comes to Fire regulations of furnishings and Furniture The regulations are a minefield for the average person. To help you understand them we have provided links to several Government guides to give you an indication of the responsibilities and obligations that you as owners have.

Not all premises will need their Furnishings to be Fire retardant. It is up to the owner of individual premises and subject to a risk assessment.

However, as a guide

  • Some of our Fabrics are Inherently Fire Retardant (FR) and they comply to BS5867 Part 2B
  • Some are treated at a cost, and they will comply to BS 5867 Part 2B up to a number of washes.
  • Our upholstery fabrics can be back coated to pass BS5852 cigarette and match. Or BS5852 Source 5. On request for an extra charge.

If you wish to find out more about where you stand please click on to the guides below