McAlister Textiles Magnolia Rose Floral Cotton Print Cushions Cushions and Covers Cover Only 43cm x 43cm

Magnolia Rose Floral Cotton Print Cushions

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Our Magnolia floral print features beautifully painted Magnolia petals and leaves printed on a soft 100% cotton material. This classic design is available in 2 colourways - Duck Egg and Rose Pink. We recommend combining products in the Magnolia range with plain colours or using it as a standalone statement piece for modern, contemporary or traditional vintage shabby chic rooms.

- Designer McAlister Textiles Cushions -

These cushions and pillows are available in a full range of standard sizes - from regular 43cm x 43cm square covers to extra large sizes. Each cushion comes with a colour-matched zipper opening to allow you to remove the cover for washing. You can also purchase these cushions covers with a plump polyester filler pad included.

We recommend using our scatter cushions as bed pillows, sofa cushions, floor, chair, couch and seat pads or as decorative accents anywhere around your home - from the living room, bedroom and kitchen to the dining room, nursery and children's rooms. They are also a great option for presents and gifts.

Design: McAlister Textiles - Magnolia

Sizes: Square Cushions - 43 x 43cm (16 / 17 Inches), 49 x 49cm (19 / 20 Inches), 60 x 60cm (24 Inches), Rectangle Cushions - 60 x 40cm (24 x 16 Inches), 50 x 30cm (20 x 12 Inches)

Composition: 100% Cotton
Care Instructions: Machine Washable at a Low Heat & Slow RPM